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Christians Face Genocide in Middle East

By Joshua Philipp Christians are the target of genocide in the Middle East, where they face enslavement, rape, murder, and violence under the rule of Islamic extremists. When trying to flee, they face continuing threats to their lives in Europe’s … Continue reading

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Europe: Destroyed by the West’s Indifference?

by Giulio Meotti There are pictures one cannot forget — for instance, of Russian troops hoisting their flag over burning Berlin in 1945. It was the end of Nazism but the rise of Communism. Another photo is of U.S. Marines … Continue reading

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Turkey Uncensored: Yazidis – A History of Persecution

By Uzay Bulut Many nations have been victimized by Islamic supremacism and jihadist campaigns, but Yazidis – an ancient ethno-religious community indigenous to northern Mesopotamia – seem to be one of the main and continued victims of this genocidal ideology.

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Τα όρια του συμβιβασμού και της εθνικής αξιοπρέπειας

του Πέτρου Θ. Παντελίδη Η δική μας αξιοπρέπεια και τα εθνικά μας όρια δεν επιτρέπουν συμβιβασμό με εκ περιτροπής προεδρία, ΒΕΤΟ στους Τουρκοκυπρίους, δικαίωμα εγκατάστασης στους Τούρκους υπηκόους και αποδοχή της ιδιοκτησίας στους σφετεριστές.

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Turkey: Erdogan’s Stalinist Purge

by Giulio Meotti End of August, Madrid: At the Turkish government’s request through Interpol, Spanish police arrested a famous Turkish writer, Dogan Akhanli, who was on vacation in Spain. A few days earlier, in Barcelona, Spanish authorities had arrested the … Continue reading

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Ν. Ανδρουλάκης: Σε όλους τους Χριστιανικούς πληθυσμούς υπήρξε πρακτική Γενοκτονιών

Οι ευρωβουλευτές Νίκος Ανδρουλάκης, Κώστας Χρυσόγονος και Γιώργος Κύρτσος ήταν οι επίσημοι ομιλητές μιας σημαντικής εκδήλωσης που διοργανώθηκε από την «Εύξεινο Λέσχη Φλώρινας». To θέμα της εκδήλωσης ήταν «Ευρώπη – Τουρκία. Εξελίξεις – Προοπτικές. Η διασφάλιση των συμφερόντων Ελλάδας και … Continue reading

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How Women are Treated by Islam

by Denis MacEoin Newcastle upon Tyne is a small city in the North-East of England which, in 2017, was acclaimed the best city in the UK in which to raise children (London was the worst). Imagine, then, the shock when … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Genocide Denial: Four Narratives

By Uzay Bulut Turkey still denies the Armenian Genocide, during which 1.5 million Armenians perished. The Turkish state does not have just one policy or rhetoric concerning it. One could argue that there are four main narratives in Turkey concerning … Continue reading

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Sultan Erdogan and the New Janissaries

By Alex Alexiev Though Western Europe and Washington are reluctant to fess up to this unfortunate fact, Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long ago given up even the pretence of being a democratic polity and is openly pursuing policies … Continue reading

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The Word “Genocide” First Coined by a Jewish Scholar to Describe What Transpired in Turkey; Ten Questions with Author Lou Ureneck

by Gregory Pappas (Q) Do you have a connection to Asia Minor Greeks? What made you write this book? I have no personal connection to Asia Minor. I was drawn to the the story of Asa Jennings’ rescue of so … Continue reading

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