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Turkey is trying to get an atomic bomb in secret weapons plan, warns expert

With tensions threatening to reach breaking point between the US and North Korea it has emerged Turkey could be trying to build up its weaponry as relations with the EU reach a new low.  In a worrying claim, an expert has … Continue reading

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Turkey should start drilling where Greek Cypriots discovered gas – Mithat Rende

As the collapse of the Cyprus reunification talks showed that Greek Cypriots were not interested in a negotiated agreement, Turkey is left with no option but to act alone, a retired Turkish ambassador has said. Turkey should buy a drillship and send … Continue reading

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What happened to Christian Lebanon?

Brigitte Gabriel was born in the Marjeyoun District of Lebanon to a Maronite Christian couple. She is a national security expert in the US, providing information and analysis on the rise of Islamic terrorism. Ms. Gabriel lectures nationally and internationally about national security and current affairs. Ms. … Continue reading

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Ceasefire in Syria – Commentary

A cease-fire agreement for southwestern Syria was brokered by the US and Russia during the G20 talks and went into effect on Sunday. Professor Habib Malik from the Lebanese American University in Beirut shares his views on the significance of … Continue reading

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