Cyprus: The Crans-Montana Deadlock and the Next Steps


By Van Coufoudakis

Over the summer, Cyprus was back in the news. The UN mediator Espen Barth
Eide, assisted by American and British diplomats, worked overtime to convince the
international community that the “parties” in the Cyprus talks were close to a “strategic
agreement” resolving this long standing international problem. The term “strategic
agreement” appears to have replaced the term “comprehensive settlement” used in the
past. The change in terminology does not change the reality either of the aims or of the
anticipated outcome of the UN sponsored talks on Cyprus. Eide’s optimistic account was
supplemented by warnings to the “parties” that failure to reach a comprehensive
settlement would mean the end of the road for the reunification of Cyprus. These
warnings had reminders of the final stages of the negotiations that led to the failed Annan Plan in 2004.

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