Egyptian MP: Erdogan should be prosecuted by international courts


Mustafa Bekri, an Egyptian MP and editorial writer of El Isbui newspaper, spoke about Turkey’s relationship with Muslim Brotherbood and other terrorist organizations. Bekri insisted that Erdogan is an international member of Muslim Brotherhood and should be prosecuted by international courts for international terrorism.

In an interview with ANF, Bekri pointed out the relationship between Qatar, Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood and said Erdogan even met with the leaders of the organization in Egypt several times. “Erdogan is protecting Muslim Brotherhood and is one of the pioneers in it. They are provoking people against Egyptian regime and its institutions. Turkey is also supporting Muslim Brotherhood financially” Bekri said.

Bekri thinks that Erdogan desires to establish Ottoman rule in the region. “His greed is seen clearly by the people in Arab countries” he said.

Bekri accused Turkey and Qatar of inciting insurgencies in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon and said: “We know that Turkey took the fugitive ISIS members from Syria and Iraq and transported them to Libya in order to provoke disturbance in the border region between Libya and Egypt.”

“Turkey opened its doors to the terrorists. They sent the terrorists into Syria and Iraq, helped them cross the border and provided them support. And for these crimes Erdogan should be prosecuted by international courts. People in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya were victimized because of these crimes by Erdogan” Bekri said.

The Egyptian MP called upon the international community to interfere with the situation in Turkey and Erdogan, calling him one of the leading figures responsible for terror.

Bekri also said that Turkey and Qatar should be kicked out of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

On the Kurdish issue, Bekri harshly criticized Turkey’s politics against the Kurds and said: “We know that Turkey is using a heavy hand against Kurds. In my point of view, Turkey’s practices are racist. Kurds constitute a significant portion of society in Turkey .Therefore they should have the same rights as Turks. They should have political parties and right to political participation.”

Source: anfenglish

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