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Occupied territories’ deepening ties with the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation.

Below are some press releases of the past five days which highlight the illegal regime’s deepening ties with the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation and its various offshoots.

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Καθηγητής Μάνος Καραγιάννης: Θέμα χρόνου να χτυπήσει την Ελλάδα το ISIS

Οπως φαίνεται τελικά είναι μύθος ότι οι καλές σχέσεις της Ελλάδας με τον αραβικό κόσμο λειτουργούν ως ασπίδα προστασίας μας από το ISIS, όπως τονίζει ο Μάνος Καραγιάννης, αναπληρωτής καθηγητής στη Διεθνή Ασφάλεια στο King’s College London και καθηγητής του … Continue reading

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Radical Islamists tapped to be judges and prosecutors in Turkey

by Abdullah Bozkurt A key pro-government association rooted in religious fanaticism and a jihadist mindset has been serving as a springboard for staffing Turkey’s judiciary as a new generation of judges, prosecutors and jurists is chosen to replace thousands of … Continue reading

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Christians Face Genocide in Middle East

By Joshua Philipp Christians are the target of genocide in the Middle East, where they face enslavement, rape, murder, and violence under the rule of Islamic extremists. When trying to flee, they face continuing threats to their lives in Europe’s … Continue reading

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