How the Multicultural Lie is Forced On Us

“From every single person convicted of terrorism-related offences in the UK, 9 out of 10 of those people come from areas where the population is between 25% and 50% Muslim.” 

“In the UK, in the wake of the atrocities in January in Paris, a poll was conducted of British Muslims, which found that 27% of British Muslims had some sympathy with the people who had gone into the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and massacred 10 journalists and 2 policemen.” 

“Let’s pretend that only 1% of that community has any bad ideas or bad intent towards our society. Nobody can tell us why 1% of, let’s say, 2 million people is a problem, but 1% of 4 million, or 5 million is not. This is an impossible thing. So we console ourselves with lies. We have been in Europe rewriting, among other things, our past.”

Source: PhilosophyInsights

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