Comments on the Crans-Montana Conference on Cyprus – Fanoulla Argyrou

“The leaders in Cyprus remind of the Turkish whirling dervishes, when they go round and round and round and round, until they drop. That’s how the situation is in Cyprus, unfortunately. And it will continue like this, until we have a leader courageous enough to do this great change. They all call for the new strategy. But what new strategy? They all support bi-communal bi-zonal federation, and I don’t see how this can make any difference to what the present government is following. Until they come out clearly and specifically against this solution, and take the line for the liberation of Cyprus, for justice – because there can be no justice and no fair solution, unless the human rights violations are addressed, and people can go back to their homes, and only then Cyprus can become a proper democracy: when the rule of law is respected and enforced.”

Source: ERPIC

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