Save the Republic of Cyprus and democratic values – an urgent call to change strategy

crans montana

Lobby for Cyprus expresses serious concerns about the secrecy with which the ‘Conference on Cyprus’ in Switzerland is taking place. We are also alarmed by the astonishing fact that the Republic of Cyprus is not officially represented at the ‘Conference on Cyprus’ where its destiny may be determined.  

Lobby for Cyprus condemns any attempt to dissolve or undermine the Republic of Cyprus and to permit any Turkish military personnel or colonists to remain in the Republic under the pretext of security.

Lobby for Cyprus calls upon the United Nations and all parties to:

  • end the Turkish occupation and colonisation of the north of the Republic of Cyprus via a lawful, ethical, transparent and procedurally fair process;
  • ensure that the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus is fully respected, that the Republic is officially represented at any ‘conference’ relating to it and that the Republic is neither dissolved nor undermined;
  • refrain from legalising the de facto segregation imposed in Cyprus by Turkey;
  • reject the proposed ‘bi-communal, bi-zonal federation’ that would legitimise the segregation of Cypriots along ethno-religious lines;
  • oppose any so-called ‘guarantor’ or ‘intevention rights’ of outside powers;
  • build a settlement on the enlightened founding values of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the Council of Europe and the European Union; and
  • ensure that any settlement respects the rule of law, justice, democracy, human rights and the fundamental freedoms of all legitimate Cypriot citizens.

If the Republic of Cyprus is transformed into a ‘bi-communal, bi-zonal federation’ in line with the divisive demands of Turkey, this will create a dangerous precedent for those who oppose democracy and wish to divide other sovereign states.

Accordingly, Lobby for Cyprus calls for the adoption of a substantive change in strategy to save the Republic of Cyprus and by extension, the democratic world.

Lobby for Cyprus remains committed to supporting a settlement for a unitary Cypriot state which is based on the:

  • removal of all Turkish occupation troops;
  • humane repatriation of Turkish colonists, who were transferred to occupied Cyprus to alter the demography of the island;
  • right to return of all refugees, without restriction or preconditions, as called for by UN resolutions.


  • On the morning of 28 June 2017, a ‘Conference on Cyprus’ was reconvened at Crans-Montana in Switzerland with the participation of ‘five parties’ described as ‘the two sides’ and ‘the three Guarantors’ but not the Republic of Cyprus, a Member State of the UN, the Commonwealth, the Council of Europe and the European Union.
  • In 1974 Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus and continues to unlawfully occupy 37 per cent of the territory and 57 per cent of the coastline of Cyprus, with approximately 40,000 troops, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.
  • Approximately 200,000 Cypriot refugees are prevented from returning to their homes, properties and lands in the occupied north.
  • Turkey continues its policy of colonising the occupied territory of Cyprus with Turkish nationals, in violation of the Geneva convention.

Source: Lobby for Cyprus

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