Ayaan Hirsi on the Islamization of Europe, Immigration Jihad and the Impotence of the West

“Because the European value system, or those who inherited that value system, are weak, those Medina Muslims, like, quite explicitly, the President of Turkey Erdogan, who is an Islamist, and who is pushing for Islamisation, is a force, who is using immigration – hijra – as a settlement tool. (…) These people have an agenda, and they penetrate the continent, that has no agenda.” 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ardent defender of Western civilization against Islamic supremacism, New York Times bestselling author, former Dutch MP and recipient of The New Criterion’s fourth annual Edmund Burke Award for Service to Culture & Society argues that Islamic supremacists are using immigration or the Islamic concept of the ‘hijra’ as a means of Islamizing Europe while Europeans refuse to assimilate Muslims or defend their culture against those purposefully seeking to destroy it.

Source: The New Criterion 

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