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The British broadcaster brave enough to discuss Islamic violence

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a deep and seriously important programme. ‘Isis: The Origins of Violence’ was written and presented by the historian Tom Holland and can be viewed (by British viewers) here.

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Η συνεργασία του αμερικανικού “βαθέως κράτους” με το αντίστοιχο Τουρκικό

Τοu Μάριου Ευρυβιάδη, 6/5/17 Δυστυχώς διαδοχικά τουρκικά καθεστώτα έχουν “αλώση” το αμερικανικό “βαθύ κράτος” εδώ και δεκαετίες, ένα γεγονός που διαιωνίζεται και δεν πρόκειται να αλλάξει με ό,τι αυτό συνεπάγεται για τα συμφέροντα του Ελληνισμού.

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May 19: Remembrance of tragic Pontian Greek Genocide

May 19 is the day of remembrance of the Pontian Greek Genocide (1916-1923). Records kept mainly by priests show a minimum 350,000 Pontian Greeks exterminated by Turkish troops and Kurdish para-militaries. Other sources including foreign missionaries mention 500,000 deaths, most … Continue reading

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The ‘Intellectual Partition’ of Cyprus, the ‘Macmillan Doctrine’ and the talks held in Geneva in August 1974 and January 2017

Klearchos A. Kyriakides, Agora Dialogue, 9 January 2017 In his seminal book, Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle considers the virtues associated with justice, as well as the vices inherent in injustice. In this context, Aristotle engages in a deep discussion as to the two … Continue reading

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The Greek Genocide Formally Recognized by Montreal City Council

On Monday night the Montreal city council announced that they adopted a declaration to acknowledge the Greek Genocide which occurred during and after WWI from 1914-1923 against the Pontic Greeks by the Ottoman Empire. There were several members of Montreal’s Greek … Continue reading

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