Turkish Strategy on Cyprus as Recorded in the British National Archives Fanoulla Argyrou

“Federation was an idea that the Turks had, that served their interests, and in fact served their interests more than partition would do. And therefore they continued and systematically promoted it and so on. Do you see anything has changed today? We are in the phase of, hopefully, negotiations that will be fruitful, and that will bring a negotiated settlement and honourable peace, we are told, and so on. And we all hope that it will be the case. Still federation is on the table. But is it a federation that brings with it the Turkish objectives? The original objectives? Or is it a federation that has been watered down in the minds of the Turks, that they view in a different now? They view it as a way of compromise. Is today’s federation a compromise, or is it a throw-back to the original intentions, the hard-line intentions of Turkey? I think a lot of people in Cyprus are wondering about it. Does this represent an honorable compromise, or no?”

“No, I don’t think it’s an honorable compromise. In fact it brings together the whole of the Turkish policy, which has been consistent. I am not optimistic with the things as they are going. I don’t believe it will be an honorable one. Turkey will achieve everything, almost everything, because their objective is to take over Cyprus, and they haven’t got much left. I believe, if Turkey wants to have an honorable settlement, she has to do few things. First of all she has to remove and take back her army of occupation, take back all the settlers she brought in on purpose to fill in the vacuum of the space the Greek Cypriot refugees left, who were forcibly removed and uprooted from their homes because of Turkey, and allow the Greek Cypriot refugees to go back to their homes, and the Turkish Cypriots, they can come back to theirs. I hear a lot of people stressing the fact that we have to secure, we have to respect and safeguard the Republic of Cyprus – I agree absolutely. But you can’t do that, you will not do that with the bi-zonal bi-communal federation. The only way to safeguard and safe the Republic of Cyprus is by a unitary state. And we need leaders to have the courage to stand up, and put forward a different policy and not be afraid of other foreign countries being against us or not taking us seriously, as they say. That I do not believe.”

Source: ERPIC

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