Will Erdogan Islamize Europe? Turkey’s New Policies Reminder Of Armenian Genocide

Turkey’s recent referendum gave Erdogan sweeping authority over the country taking it from a semi-democracy to full dictatorship. The largest overhaul of Turkey’s political system since its founding is reminding the world of the ruthless Ottoman Empire that spread to the gates of Vienna. Let’s be clear, Erdogan’s mission is to establish an Islamic caliphate that spreads to Greece and to the rest of Europe.

This is not the first attempt at Turkish Islamization. In WWI, the Muslim Turks deported and murdered 1.5 million Christian Armenians in concentration camps. It would later be known as the Armenian Genocide. By committing the first holocaust of the 20th century, Turkey wiped out the most ancient Christian civilization on the planet.

Turkey continues to deny the Armenian Genocide to this day and has been successful in persuading US politicians to do the same, as well as MSM and Hollywood. Finally, this weekend, the Armenian Genocide will come to the big screen. It’s called the Promise starring Christian Bale. Here’s a footage.

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