Political Islam’s Made-in-Cyprus Trojan Horse


Bi-zonal, bi-communal federation envisioned for Cyprus is a based on a pure ethnic-religious geographical segregation. Not only it predicts political equality, but also legitimizes the existence of a “Muslim zone”- very much in line with separation between Muslims and non-believers commanded by the Islamic doctrines. What consequences can Cypriot bizonality have for the future of Europe which struggles with the problem of growing, non-assimilative Muslim population?

In 1974, an illegal coup instigated by Greece’s junta caused the deaths of almost 100 Christian Cypriots. The ensuing unilateral Turkish invasion of Cyprus, ostensibly to protect the Muslim minority, was a sheer catastrophe, causing several thousand deaths.

The historic Christian majority of the 37% occupied northern part was forced or intimidated out, and the Muslim minority island-wide was later invited in.

“Bizonality,” a pure ethnic-religious geographical separation, became a new reality, strangely even the basis of the UN-led Cyprus negotiations, despite the Security Council’s own resolutions (353 (1974), 541 (1983),550 (1984)) condemning Turkey’s actions and calling for the respect of Cyprus’ “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.” No wonder Cyprus has “been dubbed a graveyard for peacemakers.”

By Kyriacos Kyriakides

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