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Political Islam’s Made-in-Cyprus Trojan Horse

Bi-zonal, bi-communal federation envisioned for Cyprus is a based on a pure ethnic-religious geographical segregation. Not only it predicts political equality, but also legitimizes the existence of a “Muslim zone”- very much in line with separation between Muslims and non-believers … Continue reading

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Turkey – a Critical Ally of the West?

The biggest bully in the region, which despises and threatens its neighbors, Europe and the West in general, but is still regarded as the West’s most important regional ally…  

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Turkey: How the 3,000-year Greek Presence on the Aegean Shore Came to an End

“If they [the Greeks] want to fall into the sea again – if they feel like being chased after again – they are welcome. The Turkish nation is ready and has the faith to do it again. Someone must explain … Continue reading

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