NUCLEAR TURKEY? Imam close to Erdogan calls for weapons NOW amid tensions with EU


Religious leader close to Erdogan believes Turkey should build it’s own arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in order to catch up with the West’s military strength and be able to fight “fire with fire”.

The worrying advice has been called weeks ahead of a Turkish referendum aimed at giving more power to President Erdogan – and in the midst of a keeping fallout between Ankara and EU leaders.

Hayrettin Karaman, the Turkish AK Party’s go-to religious leader, attacked ‘the West’ in a letter which insisted Erdogan should immediately invest in weapons of mass destruction.

In the online post the imam accused Christian countries in the West of egotism and racism – stating the bad attitude towards Turkey has been “accelerated”.

President Erdogan is in the midst of a deep fall out with European nations including Germany and the Netherlands after both countries banned rallies and kicked out his ministers who had sworn to campaign for his referendum.

In a post online Mr Karaman called for the swift development of nuclear weapons.

He wrote: “Once upon a time, military forces are arrows and horses, and now weapons are effective weapons invented by the age of science and technology, especially nuclear, and are the means by which they can be used.

“We need to look at inventing these weapons, not buying them, without losing any time and listening to the words and obstacles of the West.

“We invent, balance, but do not use weapons of mass destruction unless it is necessary; the way of not using it is to have the enemy or stronger.”

The Imam launched a scathing attack on the United States and Europe – insisting modern day developments have been paid for by crimes of the past.

He said: “When it comes to values such as human rights, conscience, morality, justice, everyone knows and sees that the West implements a very ugly double standard without being embarrassed and ignorant.

“Today, the wealth that the West (including the United States) has is derived from the East more extensively through extortion and robbery (colonialism).

“It is not even possible to account for the material and moral values that the West has inflicted on the East for its bloody material benefit.”

Mr Karaman wrote the post for the Yeni Şafak Newspaper in his column titled ‘What to do’.

In his post the Imam referred to the West “dismantling the great Ottoman Turks” and “digging up the roots of Islam”.

He said Turkey must fight fire with fire – and match the weaponry in Europe.

He said: “The West relies on material and military power, not on the right, the law, the adjective, the power of contemporary values while doing what it wants to the East and especially the leading potential Turkey.

“If you want to get rid of being an oppressed and victim of the East, your right to religion is not justified; You need to be stronger than your enemy, not when you are right, but when you are strong.”

As the relationship between Washington and Ankara wavered in 2016, Nato nuclear weapons were in in Turkey were being moved to Romania, it was claimed,

According to a report by the Simson Center, since the Cold War, some 50 US tactical nuclear weapons have been stationed at Turkey’s Incirlik air base, approximately 100 kilometres from the Syrian border.

But after the failed coup a removal project began, it was reported.


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