“I Call on All International Organizations to Impose Sanctions on the Netherlands”


President Erdogan’s latest press release contains an array of naked threats and Orwellian invocations of international law.  After decades of failing to impose any meaningful sanctions on Turkey on account of its crimes and human rights violations in Cyprus, the Netherlands is now on the receiving end of President Erdogan’s call for sanctions to be imposed on the Netherlands.  Appeasement never pays, as the Dutch are now finding out to their cost.  Had the Netherlands been tough on Turkey in the past, perhaps Turkey would not be so tough on the Netherlands today.

“The Netherlands has reduced itself to a position that contravenes both the EU values and the globally accepted democratic practices and which can only be seen in fascist administrations. It is obvious that the issue bears a meaning beyond the April 16 referendum. The European continent is groaning in the grip of Islamophobia and Turkophobia.”

Read the whole press release here .

Photo:  Photo: REUTERS/Osman Orsal

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