UN Report on the human rights situation in South – East Turkey


Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has just published a report which reveals gross human rights violations in South-East Turkey.

“As part of their response to “terrorist activities” allegedly conducted by the PKK, the authorities reportedly initiated security operations in at least 30 urban and a number of rural locations throughout South-East Turkey, which eventually allegedly resulted in a number of persons being killed, displaced or disappeared, as well as in wide-scale

destruction of housing stock in the affected areas. The authorities also reportedly imposed extended around-the-clock curfews on over 30 towns and neighbourhoods prohibiting any movement without permission for periods of time lasting up to several weeks, thus preventing the evacuation of IDPs trapped in the middle of security operations. Lack of access of emergency services to the sick and wounded, ultimately contributed to the high death toll of the operations. In total some 2,000 people were reportedly killed between July 2015 and August 2016, including local residents, amongst whom women and children, as well as close to 800 members of the security forces.”

Note the chilling parallels with Cyprus e.g. enforced disappearances, the destruction and expropriation of property etc etc.  All of which forms part of a broader pattern also encompassing the targeting of Greeks in 1922, Armenians in 1915 etc etc.

Full report

Photo source

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